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by Alisa Kate


2021 Fashion Trends already in your Wardrobe

Looking to follow the top fashion trends and wants to style that leave a mark? Now is the perfect time to check out the 2021 fashion trends in your wardrobe; additionally, here are some tips for you on how to style the things you already have in your wardrobe and maintain a stylish and eye-catching look.

White and Black Combination

The white and black color combination is a classic pairing to dress up as black pants and white bottom. It's safe and graceful as always; you must style this to hold a unique look.

Sweat Suits / Matching sets

Matching sets are always styled as long wear and pajamas. You can enjoy wearing the matching sets at home; also, you can style them as a pre-planned look with a combination of layered necklaces, a blazer, and pair of white boots.

Chunky Flats

From the last few years in footwear, boots and sneakers were the most popular flat styles, but we can't set aside these beautiful pairs of ballet styles, baby dolls, and loafers’ shoes. It’s beyond time to quit wearing them. Wear them with long socks to make them elegant and feel fresh.

Checkerboard Prints

We used to relate the fantastic checkerboard print with summer, but the fact is they never go out of fashion. You can enjoy wearing it for 12 months, depending on your mood and occasion accordingly.

Oversized Pants

The comfortable dressing makes you feel relaxed and flexible with the outside world. Oversized pants are always the priority to style. Wearing oversized pants gives you a relaxed and comfortable feeling to enjoy your time.

Voluminous Shoulders and Sleeves

We all love the glamour and grace in styling, but we also love the puff-sleeved pieces. Voluminous dress designs are perfect for an attractive and fresh look, and puff-sleeved tops pair up with jeans, leggings, and sweats look decent.

Elegant Maxis

Maxis doesn't go out of style; these are one of the most adaptable trends we have. No matter maxis cover the legs entirely on the days when we are enjoying on the couch; we love to style advanced layer techniques, like wearing them over mesh turtleneck or pants to style perfectly. Whether you plan to go out for a summer night or go to a wedding, it is perfect to style anywhere. For casual, wear it on with sandals, and for the wedding, you can quickly dress up with heels to look as attractive and stylish.


We are so used to see the belt as an essential accessory to hold the baggy pants. The statement buckle was already in fashion for the past few years, and now top fashion influencers are adding the mid-section belt into the latest trends. You must try using this modest addition to cinch a dress, sweater, or blazer.

Bright Colors

Bright colors go perfectly in all the seasons to give a fresh feel and attractiveness. Don't shy away from ridiculous collections; try wearing multiple combinations of bright colors. Some fashion influences take advantage of the trend of color blocking, and there are a variety of bright colors to go perfectly wearing them.


Bralettes have been a top trend. You can try bralettes as a bra; this casual alternative will be placed under baggy shirts to provide an extra pop of print or color. You can choose to bring the bracket trend to style as a unique look. You can style it wearing bras under blazers. It’s is not compulsory to align your bralette with your top layer; a decent black will work with multiple looks.

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